Return of the Mack; D’Angelo And His Abs Are Back

After a 14 year hiatus, D’Angelo is set to return to music this year with a new album and an international tour. This announcement was made in a Billboard magazine interview with his manager, Kevin Liles.

Of the album, Liles said :

“It’s very melodramatic and there’s an influence of all things he loves: there’s James

Brown, there’s Prince and everything people grew up loving D’Angelo

for, from Brown Sugar to Voodoo. It’s a mixture and an evolution of where he is right now.

And you have to think that when you have the opportunity to work

10 years on an album, that album’s truly gonna be what you want it to be. Is it limited to the kind of sound

that he did with the earlier records? No it’s not.”

Fans must be anxiously awaiting and we all know whatever he puts out will more than likely be AMAZING.