RiRi Makes History As The FIRST Black Dior Girl!

It’s official, Rihanna cannot do anything but win.

Aside from the fact that her baby hairs in this picture are the epitome of perfection, she has just once again accomplished what no other has been able to as of yet.

This past Friday, it was officially confirmed that our fav, Rihanna, has become the newest face of the esteemed French fashion house.

She will star in the newest installment of their “Secret Garden” video series and will have her own print campaign, which if it’s anything like her work in her last few fashion covers, will breathe life into us downtrodden simpletons.

She has already signed on to be creative director of sportswear brand, Puma and killed it in her campaign for Balmain with the equally flawless Naomi Campbell (she’s crazy but you still have to respect her resume.)

While this is nothing short of an amazing accomplishment, especially given the “whiteness” of the fashion industry, this is something we should definitely celebrate, but realize that in 2015, we shouldn’t even still have to be making breakthroughs like this.

We have no doubt that if anyone could embody the beauty, style and fierceness that is Dior, it would be none other than princess Riri.

rihanna dior 1

rihanna dior 2

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