Sanaa Lathan Lands HUGE New Movie Role

The gorgeous and always classy “Monica Wright”, AKA Sanaa Lathan has just landed a lead role in a major upcoming movie. Sanaa is set to play FBI agent Natalie Austin in Now You See Me 2, the sequel to the box office hit, Now You See Me.

The movie will center on Lathan’s character hunting down the foursome of magicians, known as the Four Horsemen as they become entangled in a new dangerous plot controlled by a new enemy. If the success of the first film is any indication of how well this sequel will do, Sana is in a GREAT place, as the original flick grossed $350 million.

The fact remains that black actresses are often overlooked for these type of lead roles in “mainstream” movies, where race isn’t a big factor in the character (i.e. black best friend…slave…butler…maid…etc.)

In addition to this role, Sanaa has also signed on for The Best Man Wedding (this better not be as emotional as The Best Man Holiday because I CANNOT), as well as Perfect Guy, alongside Best Man cast mate, Morris Chestnut.