Sanchay Gupta; The Modern Day Robin Hood of Medicine

At just 21 years of age, Sanchay Gupta is already leaving a large and permanent mark on our world as we know it.

In the past year alone, millions of working-age adults were unable to fill prescriptions due to cost concerns and money issues, resulting in many not receiving the necessary meds for their health. That, combined with simple supply that exceeds demand, resulted in around $5 billion of unused, yet still perfectly good drugs being destroyed and wasted.

Non-profit SIRUM (Supporting Initiatives to Redistribute Unused Medicine) aims to help those in need capitalize on this situation by using their online platform to connect clinics in need of medicine with the plethora of excess drugs out there. Sanchay, who previously worked as a resarch assistant at the Stanford School of Medicine, is currently a fellow at SIRUM, leading the company’s work in assisted living communities (nursing homes, etc.)

Sanchay helped build an online database that takes information from these facilities and allows pharmacies access to this data, giving them the opportunity to help disburse the excess meds to those in need.

Sanchay plans to attend medical school once he graduates next year with a dual major in biological chemistry and psychology. What a simple solutioiin to such a prolific issue…now if we can just do the same for food we could solve world hunger easily.