Save Big! Top Hidden Ways to Save On While Shopping on Amazon

Anyone who knows me, know that is my solution to all life needs, whether it be buying gum in bulk, purchasing textbooks when I was in college, or using my Prime account, which makes me feel like I’m better than everyone else, to stream shows and binge watch with my 15 lbs bag of candy (which of course, is also from Amazon).

While Amazon may not always be the cheapest, for me at least, it is the most convenient and I genuinely just enjoy being able to brag about my unlimited “Free 2-Day Shipping”.

A recent article on Business Insider not only confirmed that my love for this piece of heaven on Earth is justifiable, but provided me with a few new tools to save even more and help me realize I need nothing or no one else in my life. Check them out below…

1. Amazon Warehouse Deals

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Amazon gives you this. It’s basically a little-known section of their site where products that they can’t sell as new, due to damage to the packaging (the items will be perfectly ok) due to shipping drastically knock down prices by around 50%.

2. Add Items to Your Shopping Cart But DON’T Checkout

This tip isn’t always 100% effective, but when it works, it’s a beautiful thing. You go shopping on the site and fill your cart with all the items you need. And then you wait. Oftentimes, after a few days, Amazon will realize you haven’t yet checked out and will send you an e-mail not only letting you know that you still have unpurchased items in your cart, but also giving you incentive to complete the deal, by offering a promo code or discount on your items. It’s  little victories like this that really matter in life.

3.’s Price Jump

With this tool, you simply copy and paste the URL of the item(s) you are looking to purchase from Amazon and it will compare the price with the price of other retailers, letting you know which is the cheapest. It’s even working on a tool that will incorporate S&H costs into the price comparisons, allowing you to make sure you are saving every single penny possible.

4. CamelCamelCamel

While I’m not sure why any company would name themselves camel x3, if they’re crazy enough to think that’s a good name, maybe they’re crazy enough to help me save money on purpose. What this beast with 6 backs (if you understand that reference, we can be friends) does is take the items from the Amazon URL’s you enter and provide you with a history of it’s pricing, letting you know during what time of the year it is pricier/cheaper.

5. Amazon Outlet

If the Warehouse wasn’t enough, they also have an Outlet section! Here there are really steep discounts on a lot of different items. Since this section is full of overstocked items and items from previous years that are no longer selling, you can find some extremely good deals here.

I really want to tell you to share this article but I’m THAT protective of Amazon that I’m not sure how I would feel if you did.