Serena Williams Is Unstoppable Because She Says So

Watching the “finished product” that is Serena Williams can often lead many to forget the countless hours of grueling training it took her to get this far.

A new advertisement from Beats By Dre for their wireless headphones pays respect to the elite athlete that Serena has become and highlights her story of hard work, perseverance and overcoming any obstacle placed in her way.

Williams grew up in the violence-ridden streets of Compton (California), yet defied the odds by focusing on her craft, avoiding the untimely deaths and long incarcerations which took many of those around her.

Today, she is ranked #1 in Women’s Singles by the Women’s Tennis Association AND she just won her sixth US Open and her 18th Grand Slam Title. Oh yea…and she’s only 32.

Check out the ad below and get inspired.