Serena Williams Returns to Once Racist Tournament & SLAYS With Black Excellence

Arguably the best female player to ever grace any tennis court anywhere, Serena Williams path to the top has been nothing short of a constant struggle – overcoming obstacles, family deaths and constant questioning of her looks, talents and capabilities.

Case and point was back in 2001, at the Indian Wells tournament in her home state of California. During her semifinal match, she was the target of boos, taunts and racial slurs. The blatant racism and ignorance led her to make the painful decision to boycott the tournament for the next 14 years. Instead, she took her talents to many other national and international tournaments, leaving a trail of heartbroken and defeated opponents and earning numerous titles and millions in prize money and endorsements.

This past February, she made the official announcement that she would be returning to the Indian Wells tournament and was excited to play tennis where her love for the game first began and where her family shared unforgettable memories.

This past Friday, she returned to the same southern California arena that once met her with rejection, yet this time she was met with the standing ovation only a true champion like her deserves. she won her match and is now in the final 8.

She is living proof that if you do what you love and do it well, no matter what anyone may try to do to take you down, you will always come out on top. Here’s to hoping she takes the title.

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