Sex and The City Meets Africa

an african cityAfrican women’s portrayal in mainstream media has mostly consisted of slaves, impoverished individuals or subservient subjects at the beck and call of their dominant husbands. That is, until now. Nicole Amarteifio, co-director and executive producer of the hit web series “An African City”. Amarteifio set out to create a different image of these women in the eyes of the public, showcasing them as educated, fashion-forward and career-oriented individuals in each of her weekly webisodes. The show currently amasses around 600k viewers per episode, showing their is strong interest in this type of content.

Amarteifio is the epitome of the type of women in the show, herself a businesswoman who has returned to her hometown of Ghana, but still holds claim to her career goals and dreams. Each week, viewers follow the women as they navigate through relatable and relevant issues in their careers, love lives and personal growth.

Attempting to avoid the limitations of network television, Nicole decided to post her series on Youtube due to its accessibility and limited barriers to entry. While she had an initial marketing plan in place, the show ended up taking on a mind of it’s own, spreading like wildfire among the Youtube community and exceeding her initial expectations.

Amarteifio encourages all young women to follow their career and life ambitions. She states to ignore the millions of reasons there are to not do something and “pound the pavement” and do what it takes to follow your dream.

Watch An African City here and tell us what you think.