She’s Only 18, But Is Revolutionizing The College Application Process

Denisha Kuhlor, a freshman at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, still remembers the college application process all too vividly.

While she was lucky enough to be able to apply to and get accepted by 40 colleges FREE OF CHARGE, she is well aware of the fact that she is the exception to the rule and that many of her peers were ultimately restricted to how many and which colleges they could apply to because of their finances. With application fees ranging from $40-$100, in addition to costs from The College Board to send your SAT scores to your college choices (that’s after paying to take the damn test), if you are already tight on cash, these costs can really hinder your application process.

With simplifying this process and making it more accessible to all, regardless of income, her two main goals, Denisha has created a new mobile app, Plucked.

Launched last June, Plucked streamlines the process of applying by simply having registrants create a profile, which serves as their application, allowing them to research and select colleges of interest and cutting out even more costs by providing the option of simply uploading a screenshot of their SAT scores. Colleges can then sort through interested applicants and contact those in who they are interested. Selected students will ultimately need to submit official transcripts and SAT scores, but by this point, they’ve already saved a fair amount of money.

Colleges win by gaining access to applicants who may otherwise have been missed due to budgetary constraints and students win for obvious reasons.

Fall 2015 will be the first time students are allowed to actually fully utilize the app, yet they are able to sign up and create a profile now. we can’t wait to see the effect this has on the whole process – sounds very promising.

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