Social Media Rallies Behind 16 Year Old Rape Victim

Last week, 16 year old Jada of Houston, TX went viral, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. A video and graphic pictures of a drugged Jada surfaced all over the web, showing the teenager clearly under the influence of substances and unclothed. What she thought would be a fun and harmless get together, as she knew the individuals throwing the party, turned into her worst nightmare, as she was drugged, raped and publicly humiliated via the internet.

Instead of allowing herself to feel shamed by the series of events, Jada decided to empower herself in what can only be described as an act of sheer bravery and tell her story to KHOU-TV in Texas. When asked why, Jada stated she “wished to make a difference so that other young women can come forth and say what’s actually going on.”

Over the weekend, Jada’s mother Sukiedia spoke to MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow, in an effort to combat the bullying and insensitivity that her daughter has been subject to since the rape video went viral.

Yesterday, as an act of solidarity in support of Jada, Farrow enlisted the help of social media to show support for Jada by tweeting photos tagged with #IAMJADA; the response has been amazing.

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We hope this inspires other young women to do the same and share their stories to not only have peace but to seek justice as well.