Sony Hires The Real Life Olivia Pope to #FixItJesus

If you don’t already know, the hit ABC TV show, Scandal, is loosely (and extremely dramatically) based on the real life career experiences of government and entertainment crisis management expert, Judy Smith. Over the course of her 30 years in the PR industry, she has led the teams that have worked to fix such scandals as Bill Clinton’s “partition” situation with Monica Lewinsky, BP’s Gulf oil spill, Michael Vick’s dog issues and the late Mayor Marion Barry’s having…baking soda (he got baking soda).

Well Smith is back in the limelight as the official fixer upper as Sony executives try their best to not look like as terrible human beings as the hackers have exposed them to be through leaked e-mails highlighting their racist, sexist and just all around elitist views on some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Smith now faces the large task of somehow not only spinning the leaked e-mail situation but also the resulting cancellation of The Interview (seriously…North Korea may have done us ALL a favor by getting this cancelled) into a story that will not cause the mega brand to take an irreparable hit.

Not only can I not wait to see how a black woman brings one of the biggest names in Hollywood back from this foolery (and hopefully charge them a small fortune in the process), but I also cannot wait to see this situation be adapted into a new Scandal episode.

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