South African Comedian Trevor Noah to Replace Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”

31 year old South African superstar comedian Trevor Noah is ready to stake his claim in the American market.

After years of successful stand up stints, shows and comedic writing in both South Africa, he emerged in the states and became a writer and on-air contributor for The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He has now officially been announced as the new host for the show, when Stewart steps down later this year.

The news comes just 6 weeks after Stewart’s declaration that after a 16 year reign on TV, he was ready to pass the torch. Stewart had elevated the show to what it is today, a hilarious and widely popular satirical commentary of current events.

Currently in Dubai on an international comedy tour, Noah made sure to express his excitement and disbelief via his social media outlets.

As has been stated in many other news outlets, the appointment of a comedian of color and from a different country will add a youthful and more diverse component to the show. And he’s easy on the eyes, so even if he wasn’t funny women would watch the show on mute.

No contest here; knowing that there is now a black host I will watch The Daily Show for the first time when Trevor begins just to show support.

Haven’t heard of him before? Neither had I – check out some of his work below…he actually is really funny. What I love most about him is that he’s a black man with educated and worldly humor – a nice deviation from the Kevin Harts and Katt Williams we all know and love.

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