Steve Harvey Gets Last Laugh about Miss Universe…All the Way To the Bank

While many of us got a good last at the many Justin Bieber/Steve Harvey memes about his mix up in announcing the wrong Miss Universe pageant winner earlier this week. Some went as far as to claim that he was a full on illiterate celebrity who just couldn’t read the cue card.

Regardless of HOW it happened, the biggest and best takeaway from this whole story is what happened next. Not only did Steve summon what can only be the courage of Jesus to get back out on that stage and own up to his mistake, but he accepted full responsibility, apologized and got back on his NATIONALLY syndicated talk show and delivered, like he does every other Monday through Friday.

Oh…and he’s now in the works with the Miss Universe board to sign a multi-year contract with them, with a check that would make him the HIGHEST PAID host they’ve ever had. Goes to show you that falling down is not the end – how you get back up is what matters most.

So ya’ll go ahead and keep on joking on Steve…I’m pretty sure his rate goes up everytime that meme about him is reposted.

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