Steve Harvey Launches Dating Website Just In Time for Cuffing Season

He’s helped you “act like a lady”, “think like a man” and if you’re anything like me he has had you dieing laughing on both his day time talk show and Family Feud. Now, just in time for the temperature drop and the massive increase in seasonal love until summer comes back around, our favorite uncle, Steve Harvey, has launched¬†, a site full of dating and relationship advice for both sexes.

Boys can learn to be men, females can learn how to transform from Thotiana Ali to Sanaa Lathan and hopefully both sexes can finally learn how to grow up and be mature adults in normal relationships void of Instagram subliminals and side pieces….or not.

The site will ultimately include colorful yet informational articles as well as videos on improving your chances in the dating world and keeping the one you already have.

Steve claims to be an expert at relationships due to the invaluable experience of all his failed ones, which makes me the next millionaire matchmaker. ¬†If for nothing else then a great laugh, check his site out – I did and some of the articles are actually informational and worth the read. Don’t get left out in the cold this cuffing season…this crappy ozone layer making this winters too cold to be single and waiting in lines to get into clubs.