Stressing Over That Interview? Here’s Three Reasons You May Not Have Heard Back

If you’re anything like me, you’ve worried yourself right out of your edges, wondering why you haven’t heard back yet from an interview for a job you really wanted or a job for which you were sure you were the perfect fit. Rest assured, there’s plenty of reasons, aside from bombing the interview, that may be why you’re still waiting for that call. Here are some of the most common ones and what you should do in each instance.

1. Slow hiring process

Companies nowadays move at a BEYOND glacial pace when hiring for positions. They know they can have their pick of many qualified and overqualified candidates and have no sense of urgency in choosing one. HR may be hiring for a ton of openings at once. Your hiring manager may be so busy with work that they don’t have time to get through their list of interviews. There may be a ton of paperwork that has to be done before they can move forward with a candidate and make an offer. So don’t stress and use this time to continue applying to other positions and going on other interviews.

2. Someone is out of the office 

When one individual involved in the hiring process is not in the office, it can mess up the whole flow of things. A hiring manager on vacation means that no decision can be made as they usually make the final call. An HR manager out sick can put a halt to everything as communication between you and the hiring manager will be hindered. In this instance, proper follow up etiquette (once a week or else you become ANNOYING), will let you know if this is the case. If your HR contact is out, use this as an opportunity to reach out directly to the hiring manager and show you’re still interested in the job. If the hiring manager is out, try strike up a friendly conversation with your HR contact, it never hurts to have someone at the company on your side.

3. You weren’t a good fit

As dope as we all want to believe we are, sometimes we are just not the right fit for something we may think is perfect for us. Whether it be a lack of experience, no connection with the interviewer, too high of a salary request or making a bad first impression to due nerves, theres a plethora of reasons that a potential employer may choose to pass over on you. And none should be taken personal, only used as grounds to improve upon for the next interview. If you aren’t offered the position, there is no harm in reaching out to your HR contact or the hiring manager and requesting feedback on your interview and why they chose a different candidate. You can get some invaluable information about this, as well as closure if it was what you believed to be a “dream job.”

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