Tara Walker Becomes NJ’s FIRST Black Female Firefighter

On July 25, Tara Walker made history when she became the first black female firefighter for the New Jersey City Fire Department.

While this is great news and Tara should be very proud of her historic accomplishment, it is saddening that in 2014, there are still milestones such as this one that are just being passed. In the city department’s 143 year history, she is their first.

Walker, a 31 year old high school basketball legend who scored over 2,300 points during her time at Marist High School, is now one of six women in the department. Her group of 26 were sworn in this past Friday i a City Hall ceremony and included two black men, four Hispanic men and one Asian man.

We hope Tara will help inspire other young girls to do the same and continue to break color barriers that should not even exist anymore.