Teen Who Got In To Every Ivy League Turns them Down for University of Alabama, Showing Exactly Why He’s A Genius

Houston High School senior Ronald Nelson had probably one of the hardest decisions he has made thus far in his life (and that most of us aren’t even smart enough to get the chance to make) when he turned down all eight Ivies to attend…University of Alabama.

While at first glance, this may seem like a crazy and ill-advised decision, when you hear Nelson’s reasoning behind his choice, you realize exactly why all 8 top educational institutions wanted him. While all the Ivy League schools offer financial aid, none of them offer merit-based assistance and therefore require you to pay what they believe your parents can afford (which is usually more than they actually can).

On the other hand, University of Alabama not only offered this intelligent young man a full scholarship, but also acceptance into it’s selective honors program. With his 4.56 weighted GPA (yes…out of 4.0) and 2260 out of 2400 on his SAT , Nelson plans to attend either medical school or go to grad school and realized the best decision for him would be to avoid debt as much as possible. He was wise enough to realize his older sisters are about to graduate college and that this will cause his financial aid amounts to decrease even more, as his parents will only be responsible for his tuition and therefore went with the school that offered him the most debt relief.

With his grades and smarts, we are sure in four years that top post-graduate programs will be fighting for him all over again.

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