Teen Who Lost EVERYTHING In Hurricane Sandy Gains Admission to 7 Ivies

While many of us have forgotten about the devastating effects that 2012 Hurricane Sandy had on many New York residents, others are still coping with the lasting tragic memories.

A perfect example of meeting this formidable obstacle head on and rising above it, is 18 year old Baldwin, NY resident, Daria Rose. When Sandy struck, Rose was just a sophomore in high school and could only helplessly watch as her family lost everything they owned – house, clothes, family photographs and a sense of safety and stability.

Rose was able to keep up with her studies and this past fall, received acceptance to all 7 Ivy League schools to which she applied.

She has two more collegiate visits scheduled before the May 1st deadline to choose which school in which she will enroll. While she’s always envisioned herself at Yale, she is now open to whichever school she feels is the best fit for her.

Congratulations Daria! Any of those schools would be more than lucky to have such an amazing individual.

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