Teenager Is Close To Finding A Cure for Colon Cancer

19 year old Keven Stonewall is only a college freshman at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Yet that hasn’t stopped him from working in the Rush University lab and discovering an integral age related issue with vaccines for this often lethal form of cancer.

Stonewall’s research is helping to create a vaccine that is more effective for the elderly population and that can one day be used to completely eradicate the disease.

He first discovered his love for science in a fifth grade class, where he became enamored with looking at cells under a microscope. His dedication to curing colon cancer came from a more personal impetus, when as a high school freshman, his best friend’s uncle passed from the sickness. He began his research as a high school senior and recently, his findings were presented at the national meeting for The Society of ImmunoTherapy of Cancer in Washington, DC.

We’re sure more amazing discoveries are sure to come from this amazing young man.