Temple Student Ofo Ezeugwu’s Website Helps Potential Renters by Rating Landlords

We all are already aware that renting an apartment is a daunting and often difficult task that involves finding the right neighborhood, building, apartment style, rental agent, budget, zip code, neighbors, friendly local crack heads, necessary train lines and more.

By the end of it you’re confused, angry, hungry and hate your choice, for which you more than likely paid way too much.

While most of us just get upset as we sit in our new apartment we hate with roommates that leave unGodly amounts of hair in the shower and foreign caked on substances on pots and pans, Temple University graduate, Ofo Ezeugwu decided to do something about it for college students back in 2012 during his junior year. He launched WhoseYourLandlord.com, which allows users to rank their current or former landlords, providing others with scarce and much needed information on who they would be potentially giving their money to for shelter.

The site provides ranking for landlords and dorms at Drexel University, George Mason University, Temple University, UPENN and University of Maryland.

He states that one of the biggest issues he has faced as a young start up is funding, an problem for many new companies with minority owners, often without the connections or resources of their white counterparts.

With plans to expand into the Boston, NY, DC and markets, it is clear that this thriving young company did not let their obstacles keep them down and has great things in store.

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