Terrible! He Dropped One Letter From His Name And the Jobs Came Pouring In

Jose Zamora had been looking for a job for months to no avail. He claimed he was sending out 50-100 resumes to jobs he felt more than qualified for and was getting little to no responses.

On a hunch, he decided to drop the “s” from his first name, becoming Joe Zamora and lo and behold, the callbacks started pouring in.

He changed no qualifications, skills or experience on his resume; he simply whitewashed it, apparently making himself exponentially more desirable to potential employers.

While many employers love to boas their strong initiatives for diversity and claim to not discriminate or give certain types of job applicants preferential treatment, there have been MANY studies showing that, subconsciously or not, recruiters tend to give upwards of 50% more consideration to applicants with “white sounding” names.

People, let’s stop with the Latisha, Bonquishas and Aldedandres and start giving our children names that won’t have them flipping burgers for life. I am in no way saying start naming our children Susie and Brad (even though that’s perfectly fine), but if we want unique names, let’s at least pick ones with cultural significance AND ensure that our children have the academic and career credentials since we all know we have to work 2x as hard for half the praise others may receive.