Texas High School Holds Early Graduation for Student with Terminal Cancer

This past Monday, Texas school Kilgore High held a very special graduation for one of their students, 17 year old Lynzee Ford. In January, Lynzee was sadly diagnosed with leukemia and after five long rounds of chemotherapy, was told by doctors that she only has 5 months to live.

Local residents and her classmates, family and friends gathered in the school’s gymnasium. The ceremony was extremely emotional and touching, as many knew this would  be one of her last major milestones. Her classmates also made sure that she will be able to attend prom in November.

If you’d like to donate to help Lyndzee’s family with medical costs, a fund has been set up at giveforward.com. We wish Lyndzee all the best! What a strong and resilient spirit; we should all remember to cherish life and health.