The Future is Here…Chinese Inventors Create “Air Umbrella”

Tired of carrying around soaked umbrellas around all day? Tired of getting caught on windy and rainy days with a broken umbrella, or falling victim to that inside out move that NEVER fails to leave you looking like the worst of struggles? As usual, the Chinese have created a solution to that and once again proven their intellectual superiority to all of us cloth and metal reliant rain walkers.

funny umbrella

The “Air Umbrella”, currently in prototype mode, looks like an over sized vibrator of sorts, yet has the goal of keeping you dry (pun intended). The top shoots out air that blows rain and snow away forĀ a 3 foot circumference. Currently weighing in at a little under 2 lbs and able to operate for a maximum of 30 minutes battery life, this product is still in testing phases and is expected to become even more efficient.

While one of the main current glitches is that the product may keep the user dry but shoots waters at innocent bystanders in a ferocious manner, I still think it’s a less annoying offense than those ridiculous umbrella wars you get into while walking past people with ridiculously large umbrellas on a narrow sidewalk usually turning everyone into a game of human bumper cars.

Would you buy one of these?