The Key to Happiness? Stop Being A Stupid Adult

A video has been circulating around from an organization called #TheJubileeProject that asks 50 individuals, half children and half adults, one simple question, “If you could change one thing about tour body, what would it be?”

The video, part of a movement called #IAmComfortableBecause, aims to show us that self-criticisms are not innate, but are harsh opinions we create of ourselves as we go through life and become more and more influenced by those around us.

While the adults were able to quickly point out their flaws and talk about all the things they would change on themselves in a heartbeat, the children unanimously (and adorably) took a completely different approach to the question and showed us just how amazing it is to hold onto your innocence and innate self-love…before the world leaves you jaded.

Watch the video below and become a kid again.