The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Earns Spot in the Library of Congress

Every year, the Library of Congress selects 25 musical pieces┬áto add to their archive. Selection requirements include the pieces being at least 10 years old and “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.”

This year, Lauryn Hill’s debut solo album from 1998 was one of the 25 selected into Congress’ vault. In her first venture as a solo artist after her split from the Fugees, Hill gave us an intimate look into her life while touching on real topics such as pregnancy and motherhood (To Zion), sex (Doo Wop – That Thing), being in love (Nothing Even Matters) and heartbreak (Ex-Factor).

Her vocal range, ability to rap and song and the gritty and truthful lyrics of her songs make this album a classic that is still amazing to listen to even today.

It’s only right that Congress honored this artistic masterpiece for what it truly is – transcendent.


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