The World’s Richest Black Women

Need some morning inspiration to help you keep working towards your goals? Check out this list of the richest black women in the world and how they made their millions and BILLIONS and keep grinding towards your dreams.

Sheila Johnson ($400 million)

sheila johnson

One of our favorites (she created and is responsible for the success of BET), Sheila created Black Entertainment Television in the 80’s with her husband (at the time). Bringing us 106 & Park, a channel to watch all black movies after they leave theatres, and of course late night Def Comedy Jam that had us ROLLING, Sheila has done much to bring black talent to a TV near us. She’s also part-owner of a WNBA team, an NBA team and a few luxury resorts.

Beyonce ($450 million)

Beyonce performs on her Mrs Carter world tour in Amsterdam

The only one on this list that doesn’t even need a last name, at just 33 years of age, Mrs. Carter has made herself an international superstar, makeup ambassador, clothing designer, word creator and female empowerment activist. That, plus the fact that when her net worth is combined with her husband, Jay Z, they are a beautiful black billionaire couple of dopeness, makes this beauty all the better.

Hajia Bola Shagaya (Unknown)

hajia bola

Heading up a Nigerian conglomerate with interests in oil, real estate, banking and more, her net worth may be unknown, but is definitely up there. She began as an auditor for one of Nigeria’s biggest banks before crossing the threshold to entrepreneurship. We don’t know how much she’s worth, but a 2012 report stated that residents of just ONE of her buildings pay upwards of $180,000 a year in just rent.

Folorunsho Alakija ($2.5 billion)


As a halfrican (half-Nigerian at that), it’s always great to see my fellow Niajias making money in completely legal and commendable ways (no credit card or craigslist scams included). At 63 years old, Alakija made her billions by creating a fashion empire in Nigeria in the 1980’s named ┬áSupreme Stitches. She invested the profits of the line to get an oil-exploration license that earned her 60% in a highly profitable oil block.

Oprah “You Get A Car” Winfrey ($3 billion)

oprah richest

While we want to judge her for dating film critic Roger Ebert, we have forgiven her for her lapse in good judgement since she credits him with giving her one of the best pieces of advice that helped her earn her fortune – take ownership of her talk show by producing it herself and syndicating it. The advice paid off as she is and forever will be the reigning queen of talk shows. With her own magazine, television channel and credits as an actress, director and producer, the 61 year old seems like she’s done it all…yet she still won’t stop.

Isabel Dos Santos

isabel dos santos

At just 41 years of age, she is one of the youngest in this group, but is the richest. She may not me entirely self-made, as she comes from money (her father is the President of Angola), yet it is her business acumen, intelligence and work ethic that has allowed her to take her position and grow it into something most could not. With equity in a host of different Angolan companies, including a bank, a telecommunications company and oil and gas corporations, this woman clearly knows a thing or two about making a dollar out of fifteen cents…or fifteen million.

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