There’s A Site That’s Becoming the Positive Version of WorldStar…And You Need to Check It Ou

While Worldstar continues to set us back on a daily basis and make our ancestors turn over in their graves, most of us have remained oblivious to its positive counterpart, a website that solely posts uplifting spoken word, raps and ballads.

At a time when the most trending topics are usually surrounding racism, violence, the degradation of women’s bodies or other negative things, is looking to make a positive change.

Although they are fairly new, with only 49 videos posted to date, with tagline of Your portal to positive entertainment, they are definitely aiming to fill the void of uplifting content within our community.

Not much is known on the inspiration or person/people behind this website, but I sure hope our community will support a great movement such as this so that it can continue to exist and grow into something even greater.

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