These Six Baby Geniuses Are The Future of Science

When I was 16, I was busy chasing B2K, making sure I knew the top ten on 106 & Park, worried about boys and my friends and starting to think about college. These six young men and women have showed me that I clearly wasn’t living right back then, and basically still am not doing enough with my life.

Take a look at these child prodigies and the next time you think you are too young or inexperienced to change the world, slap yourself and remember they did it. You’re welcome…


1. Adeeb Alblooshi, 10, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A family trip to the beach at the tender age of six is what originally spurred Adeeb’s interest in inventing. His father, who was stricken by polio as a child, was unable to go swimming due to his prosthetic leg, so naturally, boy wonder Adeeb made him a waterproof version with enhanced medical wax coating. Not long after, he created a small vibrating robot to help his mother clean small spaces. Naturally, the media and Dubai’s government came running for him and with governmental funding, he has created five more inventions, including a seat belt that monitors your heart rate. He has been on an international science tour since April.

samantha marquez michelle marquez

2 & 3. Samantha and Michelle Marquez, 18 & 15, Virginia, US

These sisters are the product of a chemist and a chemical engineer so clearly being a genius is in their blood. A school project in the seventh grade spurred Samantha to create “celloidosomes”, 3D structures made of living cells that act as containers for other particles. She anticipates future use of these in delivering drugs to the body, organ repair and more. Michelle’s approach, though different, is just as fascinating. Her research focused on the effects of music on brain activity. Both sisters have been recognized at the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF).


4. Sandile Kubheka, 21, Newcastle, South Africa

While his peers were just getting acquainted with college life at his age one year ago, Sandile was already South Africa’s youngest doctor, four years ahead of schedule. Insert Doogie Howser reference here. He’s already received numerous awards and accolades, not only for his work but for his selfless service to his community and volunteer work. He’s only 21!

tony hansberry

5. Tony Hansberry, 20, Jacksonville, Florida

While only 14 and enrolled at a high school with a program geared towards medicine, Tony interned UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. It was there that he discovered a better and more efficient way of stitching a women up after a hysterectomy, a method the supervising doctor still uses to this day, naming it the “Hansberry Stitch”. Tony is currently studying chemistry at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.


6. Andrew Almazan Anaya, Mexico City, Mexico

Andrew became a qualified psychologist by the age of 16 (no that’s not a typo) and he feels like he is only getting started, probably because he is. For the past five years, he has been working on a team to help prevent the rejection of cells inserted into a transplant recipient. While his team waits for approval, he focuses his time on his organization that works to spot and develop gifted children, where he works as the head of psychological research.


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