These Two Ex-Goldman Sachs Employees Have Revolutionized Workforce Diversity with “Jopwell”

Porter Braswell, 27 and Ryan Williams, 25 are the dedicated founders behind the latest company looking to bring more diversity to the workforce, Jopwell.

Braswell and Williams, former foreign exchange sales team members at Goldman Sachs and Ivy League educated young men with just 5 years combined work experience, noticed the glaring fact that there was a large lack of diversity among top large companies. Through research, they learned that many companies cited the inability to connect with qualified candidates of color and a large reliance on current employees and interns’ connections and decided to take it upon themselves to fix this issue and help these companies expand their networks.

The basic premise behind this platform is that companies can create an “Employer Page” on Jopwell, where they can list vacant positions, advertise their diversity initiatives and educated potential employees on their company as a whole. In addition, when companies are visiting colleges and universities for career fairs, they can scan Jopwell’s database of students and contact them to set up on-campus meetings and interviews in advance. This not only helps fund Jopwell, as partners pay a fee to be involved, but allows the general public to see which companies are actually fully committed to remedying today’s diversity issues.

Conversely, job applicants can create a profile for themselves that has their resume, career interests and any other pertinent information that may interest a potential employer.

To date, Jopwell has over 30 partner companies (and growing), including Facebook, McKinsey & Company, Morgan Stanley and Pinterest and is in the process of raising $1.5 million in funding in addition to the $500,000 they have already raised.

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