This 20 Year Old African Millionaire Turned Down Harvard to Follow His Tech Entrepreneur Dreams

Mubarak Muyika is not your typical 20 year old young adult in Kenya. Orphaned as a young child, he took a keen interest in technology during his teenage days and is now a self-made millionaire at an age where he’s too young to even drink in the states.

At 13, he first discovered his love of computers and built a website for his adoptive parents’ bookshop. He finished high school at 15, and followed his new found passion to create a lucrative business for himself, Hype Century Technologies And Investments LLC, which is now worth millions.

Muyika began is company, which specializes in web hosting and web design, with a little less than the equivalent of $500 USD and just one client. He did such a great job that his client offered him office space and within a few months, he was able to bring on six new clients and two employees.

Word got out about his business acumen and talent for tech and the esteemed Harvard University came knocking on his door, equipped with a full ride to their school – he turned them down to follow his dreams.

Not formally educated in his craft, but passionate and hard working, Muyika is the¬†embodiment of what entrepreneurs are made of and is going to the beat of his own drum…all the way to the bank.

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