This Artist’s Main Accessory (White Women) Sends A Powerful Message

“Trophy Scarves” is the ingeniously named work of Nate Hill.

The controversial “artwork” consists of a series of photos in which Hill, who is bi-racial himself (black & white), actually wears scantily clad or nude white women draped around his neck or over his shoulders. The tagline “I wear white women for status and power”, while humorous, does illicit many questions on the veracity and deeper meaning of his message; is that truly how men of color view these women in our society?

trophy scarves 1

The project has thousands of Instagram followers and has been chronicled in the likes of The New York Daily News. His “models” seemed to be drawn to working with him on his project due to the way it used satire and comedic relief to address a long standing societal misconception of white women serving as one of the ultimate status symbols.

trophy scarves 2

This is definitely a topic that needs to be called to light and discussed. There seems to be some type of unofficial yet clearly stated belief that a man of color has “really made it” once he gets him a white woman; thereby diminishing not only the value of his accomplishments that make him feel “worthy” enough to pursue a white woman, but also greatly devaluing the worth of black, brown and all other women of color.

To See Nate’s instagram, click here.

What are your thoughts on this?