THIS Could Determine If You Land That Interview for Your Dream Job…

You’ve probably spent the bulk of your early professional years focusing on improving the one document you’ve been told can make or break you; your resume. You’ve probably sat for hours thinking of the perfect way to describe your job experience, find the perfect mix of being humble while bragging about your achievements and literally cutting out or adding just enough words to make it exactly one page. Are your bullets aligned? Any typos? Did you use enough action verbs to show that you’ve done a lot?

While this is all fine and dandy, and a solid resume is definitely an important factor in whether or not a company will want to talk to you about open positions, you may have been wasting most of your efforts, which is why you might still be waiting to hear back from your dream company.

With the recession still in effect and lack of jobs making employees damn near disposable for most companies, employers now have tons of potential candidates to choose from for a limited number of positions, providing them with the opportunity to be a choosy as they want.

So what is now helping candidates set themselves apart and stand out in a pool of competition with the exact same qualifications?

Your cover letter.

More and more companies are requiring it along with your resume and more and more hiring managers are placing more weight on it.

These few paragraphs not only allow you to directly link your experience with how you can contribute to your new company, but allow you to show a little of your personality and that you understand the position and company needs AND have a solid grasp on the Engish language.

Interested in hearing some of the top tips from some of the biggest companies’ hiring managers on what makes a cover letter great enough to get the candidate a call back?

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