This Gadget Claims To Make It Safe toText And Drive

By now we are all (hopefully) aware of the perils that come from texting while driving (TWD). Car accidents, unnecessary deaths and sometimes even texting the wrong person by accident are all tragedies that can be avoided if we simply waited to respond until we were out of the car.

Navdy, a San Francisco-based start up aims to take the danger out of TWD with their new hands free device that promises to help drivers keep their eyes on the road. The small gadget sits on your car’s dashboard and acts as a projector, showing information from your phone onto a 5 inch wide display. You just swipe left or right to navigate the information, which is displayed over a section of your windshied, allowing you to keep an eye (or both preferably) on traffic.

While this is a good attempt to keep drivers focused on what’s in front of them, it still seems like it would be a bit of a distraction. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.