This Guy Created An App to Make Car Repairs Easy And Cheap For Everyone!

When Stephan Walters first moved to Washington D.C. from Miami, FL two years ago, the taillight ¬†of his car went out and he did what any independent man would do…he called his mom.

She told him to go to the local Midas, but Stephan, knowing that they’d probably notice he knew nothing about cars and jack up the price for his needed service, was opposed. He realized how badly he was in need of some type of resource where he can source the prices for work he needed done and find the cheapest price from a reputable local small business.

He also soon after realized that this resource didn’t exist and decided to create it himself…and GreaseMonkey Mobile LLC was formed.

His app allows users to see all the different auto maintenance shops in the area and compare prices, send messages and pictures of their car and the work they need done, select a mechanic AND track the progress of their repairs, all from just their phone, saving them the time of physically having to shop around.

With a background in software development, Stephan is putting his education and work experience to use, slowly developing this app into a profitable and sustainable  concept and becoming his own boss. The app is currently only available in Atlanta and D.C., but has grand plans to expand throughout the country within the next year.

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