This Man Just Sold His Company to Apple And Became A Billionaire

`Remember back in the day, before Google Maps and other navigation systems, where if you didn’t know where you were going, you’d have to look up directions online and actually…write them down? Or even worse, use a paper map?

If you’re anything like me, HopStop was one of your earliest travel saviors, providing you with accurate public transportation (trains, buses, rails) directions to get you to your destination. The genius behind this gift from God, Chinedu Echeruo, recently sold HopStop to Apple for $1 billion, making him one of the newest inductees to the billionaire club.

This move is said to be Apple’s retaliation to Google’s recent purchase of a very similar mapping program, Waze.

Echeruo, who grew up in eastern Nigeria, previously worked as an analyst at several hedge funds before going out on his own to start his company. After becoming frustrated with the lack of accessible mass transit directions, he decided to do something about it; his app now provides map data for over 300 cities across the US.

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