This Uber Driver Made $250,000 Last Year By Being an “Uberpreneur”

Gavin Escolar is a Filipino immigrant living in San Francisco who has 2 jobs – one of which is being a driver for Uber.

Yet that is as cliche as Gavin’s story goes as far as the typical foreigner version of trying to live the “American Dream”.

Yes, he drives a car. Yes, English isn’t his first language (although he is quite well-spoken). Yet Gavin is a small business owner and managed to pull in a quarter of a million dollars last year alone.

Gavin is a new type of Uber driver, who not only does his job well, but uses it to take himself to the next level by having it serve as an amazing platform to promote his own business. His main source of income, his custom jewelry business, has been thriving over the past few years. Gavin serves as a walking billboard for his pieces, showcasing them around the car and wearing them as well. His passengers are all potential customers and he uses his time with them to skillfully advertise to them, never trying to sell them but allowing the pieces to get his guests to ask questions, serving as the perfect ice breaker to transform a 10 minute ride into a sale.

In 2014, Gavin’s sales averaged $18,000 a month and that’s in addition to the extra $3,000 a month he earns from his Uber gig. Yet Gavin doesn’t stop there, he gives back. He has bought three more cars and hired six drivers to work under him, purposely seeking out fellow Filipino immigrants to give them an opportunity to earn a better quality of life. After they prove themselves, Gavin gives them the chance to even sell his jewelry in during their driving shifts, allowing them chance to earn more money through commission.

Gavin is the perfect example of making your job work for you and finding a way to follow your passion by any means. To check out some of his pieces, click here.


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