This Urinal Explains Why It Took An Aussie Man To Play Thor Accurately…

A set of controversial urinals in Sydney, Australia restaurant Ananas Bar have taken home the prize for best bathroom at the 2014 AHA NSW Awards for Excellence.

What makes these “Kisses” urinals so special? They were designed by Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel (who is a woman, which makes this story even better) and are meant to commemorate the now iconic Rolling Stones lips logo.

The urinals were such a hit, because men will be men, that after the restaurant removed them due to some strong backlash, their customers rallied to show support and get them re-installed. Guess this goes to show why Australian men expect their women to just be pretty, not talk and all be named Becky or Susie.

Want to see what these prize-winning toilets look like? Check out how Australian mean get their untouchable levels of confidence below:


kisses urinal