Tim Scott Just Became the First Black Senator Since When It Was OK To Own Blacks

As I write this, I struggle with the fact that it’s news in the first place. It’s 2014 and we are STILL celebrating earning positions that are often given to or easily earned by other races. Case and point, Tim Scott just became the fist black candidate to be elected to the US Senate in the South since the CIVIL WAR.

Yes…that’s right. 149 years. 54, 385 days. It took the South THAT LONG, to let a black man up in the Senate. A fully qualified one at that, which I’m sure there have been many before him.

Scott is now one of two blacks in the Senate and only the fifth to be elected to the position…EVER.

While we should take the time to celebrate this, let’s also use this as a reminder of just how far we really have to go. Until finding a black man in the Senate isn’t as hard as finding Waldo, we have a LOT of work to do.