Tired of Waiting Hours To For Your Wash And Set? There’s Now an App For That!

Women of color who go to salons for wash and sets, relaxers, cuts, presses, colors and everything in between are all too familiar with the process:

  1. Get to the salon at the crack of dawn to be first in line (after verbally agreeing to a time with your stylist that she most likely won’t honor or remember)
  2. Still having to wait once the salon opens because even though you got there at 9am, 5 women camped out overnight because #hairislife
  3. Finally getting your turn in the chair only to be assaulted with a water house so that your shirt looks like you entered a wet t-shirt contest AND THEN having your ears burnt right off your head with the torture contraption known as the dome dryer
  4. Paying and walking out with your hair in a doobie and facing the stares of strangers with your wet shirt, red ears and bobby pin tower on your head

29 year old Rica Elysee of Boston has created the answer to all your haircare problems – Beautylynk.com. Founded less than a year ago, this website and mobile appĀ is comparable to Netflix – but for your hair. The app shows you all its available hair and makeup artists in the area and allows you to brows their work, select an appointment time and have them meet you in the comfort of your own home, avoiding lines and walks home with your hair wrapped.

All stylists have been background checked and their credentials have been verified. This is a win-win as artists who may not have the funds to adequately promote themselves, can now be put in front of an audience that is eager and ready to take full advantage of their services. Prices can also be lower for consumers, as stylists no longer need to charge extra to pay for their booth at the salon.

Currently just in Massachusetts, Beautylynk has plans to expand in to New York, Atlanta, Connecticut and Washington, DC. Get ready to have your Sundays back!

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