TLC Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Final Album

Arguably one of the best girl groups of all time, TLC is now reaching back out to their fans to help them bring to life one final studio album.

Down to just the the T (T-Boz) and C (Chili), after the tragic loss of the fast-rapping and energetic powerhouse of Left Eye back in the early 200os, the group is looking to get back in the studio after nearly 13 years have passed since their last album.

While many may be asking why they don’t just use their own money, as they surely have to have some left from their tens of millions in album sales, studio tours and more, the group says they are looking to engage their fans in the process while maintaining creative control over their artistic work (Judging from the VH1 movie, it looks like Pebbles may have gotten most of their money anyway…but that’s a whole nother story…)

The group is looking to raise $150,000 and are offering donors everything from a customized voice mail to an in-person fitness class with Chili to a wardrobe piece from one of their music videos.

These ladies have always been innovators and had some of my JAMS, so I am excited to see what they create as their finale.

You can donate to their Kickstarter here.

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