Tokyo Is Hiring!

international jobsInternational markets are facing tough times when it comes to recruiting and keeping top younger talent. As many baby boomers in senior management positions are looking to retire, companies are realizing they do not have qualified and properly trained employees to fill these soon to be vacant positions. One country that seems to be having a particularly tough time is Japan, whose governor, Yoichi Masuzoe, stated in a recent press conference “We have to import many intelligent people from abroad…we badly need young talented persons.”

Globalization, one of the main reasons for this international issue, is the result of more and more countries increasingly looking outside of their own nations for top talent, thereby increasing multi-national competition for the best employees. Adding to this is the fact that many individuals in the needed age range of 35-44 are venturing out to start there own businesses, decreasing the number of viable candidates even more.

Anyone without too many responsibilities at home (i.e. mortgage, family, etc.) should really consider relocating abroad, if even for a few years to find a job that ¬†with top pay and provide them with invaluable international experience that can make them even more in demand. If the jobs aren’t where you are, you may need to go to the jobs.

See you in Tokyo. Konichiwa!