True Love! Beautiful Bride Marries Dying Groom at Hospice

Last Thursday, a young couple in Brooklyn, NY showed everyone the true meaning of love, marrying in the groom, Christopher Robinson’s room in an all-day care facility. He was hooked up to an oxygen tank and barely able to move, but that didn’t stop him from beaming ear to ear as his beautiful bride, Terry Jones, stood by his side with their adorable son.

Diagnosed with terminal renal cancer that quickly spread throughout his body back in August of 2014, doctors told Christopher he only had a few months left to live. Two weeks ago, too week to care for himself anymore, he was checked into a hospice that provides him with round the clock medical care.

With the help of the kind workers at the hospice, Chris, determined to make Terry his bride, was able to say “I Do” and muster all the strength he had to stand up from his wheelchair to kiss his new bride.

This couple is the epitome of for better or worse, as they have made it through more than most couples can stand, including surviving a burglary back in 2013 that ended with Chris being shot five times and being homeless as they struggles to find work.

It is so beautiful to see that true love still exists and we can only hope God sees fit for Christopher’s time with his new bride to not be cut short.

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