Two Women Are Tackling Professional Women’s Wardrobe Worries

From a quick glance, entrepreneurs and ¬†business partners, Kristin Paquette and Crystal Ung’s pants seem like typical unassuming women’s work slacks – black and cropped at the ankle with a pretty flattering fit. But upon closer, inspection, you can see that these are no ordinary pants, but are set to revolutionize the fashion industry for working women, one leg at a time.

The two women’s new clothing line, Seyrue, aims to provide professional women the choice of comfortable and fashionable yest till simple clothing options to wear to work. They currently offer two types of pants; both cropped at the ankle with a slim fit and available with or without a seam down the front. These slacks are wrinkle-free, machine washable AND have a customizeable inseam (the holy grail for women in offices around the country). Customers have described them as feeling like leggings yet looking like a pair of Banana Republic trousers, the epitome of heaven on Earth.

Paquette and Ung met through a mutual friend and realized they were meant to go into business together after discovering their shared hatred for current uncomfortable office clothing options and shared desire to look presentable while still feeling comfortable while at work. They are now trying to raise enough capital via their Kickstarter campaign to get their pants line up and running and add a blazer and other color options to their collection.

Finally, women at work don’t have to choose between pants that rip at the seams if you take a deep breath or clown pants.¬† I guarantee you the workplace will now be a more enjoyable place.