Unarmed LA Black Man’s Death Added to the List of Senseless Violence

While everyone is still seething over the tragic killing of Ferguson, Missouri’s Michael Brown, there is now another death to be added to the toll of unarmed black men dieing at the hands of overly aggressive police officers – Ezell Ford.

The 25 year old mentally challenged Los Angeles man was shot and killed this past Monday just a few blocks away from his home. Police claim it was an investigative stop, but have  not stated exactly why he was under investigation. According to the police, there was a struggle followed by them opening fire. Interestingly enough, while Ford was killed, the officer in question only had a few minor scrapes and cuts.

Ford’s family tells a very different story. An eyewitness to the murder, who wished to remain anonymous (I’m assuming so he isn’t arrested like the man who taped Eric Garner’s death), told KTLA that Ford was laid out on the ground and shot repeatedly in the back. When Ford’s mother, Tritobia, arrived on the scene and started asking questions, instead of being given answers, the officers pulled out their billy clubs (night sticks) and pushed her to the ground.

A rally is being organized for this Sunday at 3pm at LAPD headquarters.