Under Armour Takes On Boxing With Muhammad Ali

Over the past 18 years, Under Armour has steadily increased it share of the sports apparel industry.¬† In just 2014 alone, the company’s sales increased a staggering 32% to over 3 billion, surpassing Adidas and becoming the second biggest sportswear brand in the US (by sales).

A large aspect of Under Armour’s constant growth is their investment in their high-profile celebrity endorsements, which have gotten them partnerships with the likes of NBA All-Star Stephen Curry, Jamie Foxx, NFL heavyweight Tom Brady and more. With their push to dominate women’s apparel, they have recruited supermodel and fitness enthusiast (and Tom Brady’s wife…two for one deal) Gisele Bundchen, Misty Copeland and tennis phenom Sloane Stephens to appeal to the ladies who like to sweat (or look cute while pretending to).

Their latest global campaign will feature boxing LEGEND Muhammad Ali, the personification of excellence and domination in the sport.

They have also set their sights on increasing their presence  in athletic programs, landing the biggest equipment deal in college sports in 2014 and aggressively pursuing other leagues and team clubs.

While Under Armour still only pulls in a fraction of Nike’s almost $30 billion in sales, they are sitting pretty with their #2 spot and are still much younger and growing at a quick and steady pace.

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