Unsung Hero; NYC Man Drowns While Saving Child’s Life

40 year old Boyce “Scoop” Coleman made the ultimate sacrifice this past weekend when he gave his life to save the life of a child he did not even know.

Coleman was at a riverside barbecue in Yonkers when he heard screams that a child had fallen into the nearby Hudson River. Like a true hero, he instinctively jumped in the water and was able to just swim out to the boy and bring him back to safety by handing him off to another person before fatigued consumed him and he was sucked back under by the water; his body was recovered an hour after the incident.

Stephan Jones, the little boy who Coleman selflessly saved, is autistic and known to wander off from large crowds (seriously…where was his mother?). Coleman, a tattoo artist by trade and hero by heart, leaves behind two daughters, ages 3 and 20.