US Creates First Lady Liberty Coin With A Woman of Color

It’s finally happening…and it only took 225 years!!!

The Coinage Act of 1792 required all coins to have an image “emblematic of liberty” and so over the years, we’ve had lady liberty, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and more. Over the past two centuries, the uniformity of the expression of liberty as white men and women, has left much diversity desired in the eyes of Americans.

Last Thursday, it was announced that the newest coin, to commemorate the US Mint’s 225th birthday, will be made of 24-karat gold, have a $100 face value and will feature a woman of color – black to be exact. It is the first in a series that will also feature images of Hispanic, Asian and Indian American individuals. It’s a collector’s item, so it won’t be in regular monetary circulation.

Between Harriet going on the $20 and now a black Lady Liberty, it looks like America is finally starting to slowly acknowledge the greatness of all colors.

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