Van Jones Pledges to Teach 100,000 Black Youth To Be Computer Programmers with #YesWeCode

Attorney, civil rights activist and environmental advocate, Van Jones, is determined to leave an invaluable mark on the black community and is doing so the best way he knows how.

Last year he created a team of talented, well-connected and resourceful individuals to form #YesWeCode, an organization aimed at uplifting today’s urban youth by providing them with options otherwise inaccessible to them. They do this by teaching them the increasingly desirable skills of web coding and computer programming, which will almost ensure them employment in the 21st century.

Jones vows to dedicate the remainder of his already accomplished life (peep his credentials here) working to provide our disadvantaged youth with the opportunities to excel in a world that is constantly throwing obstacles their way.

The #YesWeCode program will not only provide introductory coding programs, but will follow up with job training and placement for those who successfully complete the curriculum.

You can learn more about the movement, enroll eligible students you may know or provide your support here.

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