Viola Davis Makes History at Emmys With Her Win and AMAZING Speech

Last night, Viola Davis made history at the 2015 Emmys when she became the first, YES FIRST, black woman to win an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama.

Viola won for her compelling work on ABC’sĀ How to Get Away with MurderĀ (thank you too Shonda!) and all the other women in her nomination category were just spectators to her greatness.

After Davis sprinted up to the stage, with her chocolate skin, beautiful natural hair and regal nature, she proceeded to give an acceptance speech with the fire strong enough to challenge Drake and Future’s new album. Let’s keep in mind this was her first nomination and win and give credit to the beautiful Taraji P Henson, who you could see was visibly happy for Viola as a fellow woman of color.

Davis went out to quote Harriet Tubman as a reference to the main discerning factor between all women and women of color – opportunity. She thanks her fellow black women in the trenches with her, working to bring diversity to Hollywood and drops the mic to a standing ovation that she SO deserves.

Congratulations Viola!

If you missed her short but sweet speech, check it out below and be inspired.

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