Wale Leaves Roc Nation, Heads to Lebron James’ Management Team

According to a recent Billboard  article, Wale is cutting ties with his management team for the past five years, Jay Z led Roc Nation and is joining 77 North Management, which represents Lebron James.

As he gears up for his new album, The Album About Nothing, which as of yet does not have a release date, Wale has decided to change the course of his management, which many have speculated, is in large part due to differences in opinion with him and his former label mates – Meek Mill in particular. While reports state that his split with Roc Nation was amicable, past tweets from Meek himself expressing his discontent with Wale’s lack of support for his album and calling him out as  not really MMG, paint a different story.

Wale is known to get into his emotions and write 5 page letters to fans who post one tweet questioning his lyrical skills (we’re not even gonna get into his toddler tantrum when he didn’t make a certain MC list…cus that’s none of our business), but we hope for his sake that this move was more business than personal.

At the end of the day, Wale is an extremely talented rapper who delivers top lyrics over catchy beats and we know he will not disappoint us no matter the management team behind him.